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Ivan Cordeiro, born in Recife, Brazil, started his film career as a member of  the influential  Brazilian Super 8 film movement.  His film CENSURA LIVRE, a documentary about the disappearance of street cinemas in Recife, has become an iconic cultural reference and is on the list of best films by several critics and filmmakers, as well as serving as inspiration for other filmmakers in this field of production.

Ivan studied Communication and Journalism in Los Angeles California where he currently resides and operates EYE SEE FILMS, an independent production company dedicated to documentary films with an emphasis on preserving memory.  Ivan's films have successfully participated in international festivals and his camera work has been featured on projects that appreciate the beauty of analog technology. 


 As a pioneer and expert in analog cinema,  Ivan curates film screenings, conducts super 8 workshops such as master classes, and offers digital  film scanning services and restoration in all formats.

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